Different Skin Cleansers: How to Choose the Best for You?

Different Skin Cleansers: How to Choose the Best for You?

Skin cleansers are the basis for the correct care of your skin. Of course, each woman has her own skin cleanser that meets her skin needs depending on her type, whether dry, greasy,, or mixed.

For beginners, some may find it difficult to choose the best skin cleanser. Therefore, it is necessary to know the different types of detergent and their respective function and composition. In no way can you use soap or chemical detergent on the face's skin, it can cause severe damage. Harsh chemical elements extract moisturizing natural oils, resulting in dehydration and loss of elasticity.

Different Skin Cleansers: How to Choose the Best for You?

Here are the different skin cleansers and choose from the ones that are right for you.

Foam cleaner

These types of skin cleansers are the most common. Most women and girls use foam cleansers on the skin with little knowledge of the rest of the species. Foam cleaner has a lower percentage of moisturizing elements. The foam helps effectively remove germs and soil, and also helps remove the effects of stranded makeup on the surface of the skin except for the eyes. The eye perimeter area needs to be used as a suitable cleaner free of harsh elements. Leave no residue on the skin, but prolonged use, it can cause your skin to become dehydrated. Suitable for all skin types, but best suited for oily skin.

Facial cleaning oils

Face oils are skin cleansers on a large proportion of oils to rely on the skin with the necessary hydration. It helps remove the effects of waterproof makeup, and it can also be used to remove eye makeup as well. Despite their effective skin cleansing effects, they may leave some oily residue. It does not give you foam, but it is a kindness to the skin. Perfectly suited to dry skin owners, skin adopts deep hydration and protects it from severe dehydration.

Cleansed milk

Milk cleanser is one of the types of skin cleansers rich in moisturizing elements. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause foam. Helps to effectively remove dirt, but does not remove the effects of waterproof makeup. Suitable for dry skin owners, it may also leave some effects on the skin's surface.

Micellar Water

These detergents contain an enormous proportion of moisturizing elements that suit all skin types. It does not give you foam at all and can be distributed to the skin using a piece of cotton without the need to rinse it with water. Nice on the skin and helps to remove dirt and makeup. Some oil-rich species are available, helping to easily remove the effects of makeup without leaving any effects on the skin.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes are also a way for some girls to clean their skin. Some of them contain a percentage of moisturizing cream and also help to remove dirt and dirt. There are also some types of makeup removed. But dermatologists are not advised to use them for long periods, as severe friction causes facial damage and redness of the skin.


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