Methods of caring for sensitive skin and its most prominent specifications

Methods of caring for sensitive skin and its most prominent specifications

 Methods of caring for sensitive skin and its most prominent specifications fact, dermatologists could not reach an accurate definition of sensitive skin, but in simple words, skin is considered sensitive when it is easily irritated by any external influence, as allergic cases range from simple to severe and severe, and in this article, we will show you the steps for sensitive skin care and how to identify on her.

Steps to take care of sensitive skin

It is preferable at first to go to a dermatologist to determine the cause of the allergy; Is it caused by the type of skin itself, or is there another medical problem, as the doctor prescribes treatments and creams; Its aim is to reduce the patient's irritation and sensitivity, and the patient must avoid the irritants that cause him allergies as much as possible.

There are many products for sensitive skin, but this type of skin differs from one person to another, so a person must try more than one type of these products in order to reach the type that is most suitable for his skin, so you must follow the following when selecting suitable products for sensitive skin: Choose ultra-gentle skin care products

Which is specially designed for sensitive skin, and does not contain any irritants such as perfumes and alcohol.

Do not use soap and face wash

Because it removes fat and moisture from the skin, thus increasing its sensitivity.

Choose sensitive skin care products

Because these products are sensitive to your skin, they are specially formulated to take care of it.

Stay away from scented products

Because it causes itching and dry skin, a study published on April 28, 2015, on avoiding the use of cosmetics with aromatic ingredients concluded that these ingredients cause irritation and redness in the skin, as well as itching and dry skin.

Keeping the skin moisturized

Because dry skin makes sensitive skin more tired and uncomfortable, and it may increase its sensitivity.

Use of powder cosmetic products

Because the percentage of preservatives in it is very low, and therefore it is less irritating to the skin, a study published on January 7, 2016, showed that the use of cosmetics in the form of powder greatly reduced skin irritation, and it also reduced skin irritation. Dermatitis and redness, so it is recommended for those with sensitive skin to use it.

Use an appropriate sunscreen

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreens that contain natural ingredients such as titanium oxide, as they differ from sunscreens in that they do not cause irritation. Because it deflects the path of ultraviolet rays that the skin is exposed to and does not absorb them.

In a study published on September 8, 2015, about the daily use of sunscreens, and comparing the ones that contain natural substances with those that do not contain them.

The study concluded that sunscreen that contains natural substances such as titanium oxide is more beneficial and does not cause irritation to sensitive skin, because it works according to the principle of deflecting the direction of ultraviolet rays directed towards the skin, and thus not absorbing them.

Use a silicone primer

Women with sensitive skin are advised to use a silicone-based cream, because it does not cause acne or skin irritation, as a study published on March 1, 2016, indicated that the use of a silicone-based cream is very useful in treating acne, as it reduces acne. his appearance.

This is because it contains in its composition local anesthetics such as prilocaine, as well as analgesics and muscle relaxants, and thus does not cause irritation to the skin, especially sensitive ones. The silicone cream also contains antidepressants that are useful in improving the psychological state of the person who suffers from acne or skin irritation.

Sensitive skin specification

In order to be able to take care of your sensitive skin according to the tips we mentioned above, you must first confirm the type of your skin and determine whether it is sensitive, as sensitive skin has the following characteristics: 

  • People with sensitive skin often have narrow pores and thin skin.
  • Is characterized by sensitive skin pinker than other skin types.
  • This skin is characterized by the presence of thin veins, especially in the area of ​​​​the nose and cheeks.
  • This skin is characterized by the appearance of acne in abundance.
  • Sensitive skin is easily triggered by some external factor, such as exposure to strong winds or a sudden change in temperature.
  • People with sensitive skin show signs of dryness and itching in certain areas after using a face wash or even soap and water, as well as when using nourishing or exfoliating face creams.

And you can visit a specialist dermatologist to accurately determine your skin type, in the event that you are unable to confirm on your own, because using the wrong product may lead to problems for your skin that you do not need. 

Finally, you must accurately determine your skin type, in order to be able to know the creams or cosmetics that are suitable for it, especially if your skin is sensitive, as it requires special attention from you to avoid the embarrassment of being among people while you suffer from an inappropriate appearance of your skin, whether as a result of excessive redness or irritation. or the spread of acne.


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