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COVID-19, flu instances growing in Lexington

COVID-19, flu instances growing in Lexington

COVID-19, flu instances growing in Lexington The modern-day statistics from the fitness branch confirmed fifty-seven new flu instances final week and 412 new COVID-19 instances.

Health officers inform us a variety of the growth in instances may be attributed to our going back to normalcy.

Officials on the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department say without masking, social distancing, and an emphasis on handwashing, those sorts of breathing ailments can unfold and unfold quickly.”

Christina King with the fitness branch says, as of proper now, we haven’t visible a spike in COVID instances as we've got in preceding winters, however, flu is spreading at fees we haven’t visible in years.

“We’re nonetheless early withinside the season. We don’t normally top in flu season till past due January – mid-February. So, proper now, at the start of the season, we’re already at 1,828 general instances and 10 general deaths. That is astronomically passing the final numerous years,” King said.

Those 10 deaths are the second maximum number of deaths we’ve visible withinside the final six flu season and our case counted number is 1,000 greater instances than the following maximum general we noticed withinside the final six seasons.

King credits vaccinations for preserving our COVID numbers from spiking however says we can also add all be stricken by vaccine fatigue, which is contributing to the excessive variety of flu instances.

“We can say that around 85-86% of all flu instances proper now are in unvaccinated individuals,” King said. “We’ve heard the guidelines, we’ve heard the protection measures, we’ve heard ‘Get your vaccine,’ and those are simply tired. You recognize you get bored with listening to the identical issue over again. But it’s our task to mention it as long we want to hold announcing it.”

The fitness branch is providing flu pictures and COVID vaccines at their public fitness clinics on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can name beforehand to get an identical-day appointment.


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