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What is skin oxidation? And how to prevent it

 What is skin oxidation? And how to prevent it Skin oxidation is a general term in circulation, but the most accurate is the oxidative stress that occurs to the body, and affects the skin as a result of its occurrence, which we will learn about its causes and how to resist its impact on the body and skin in particular.

What is skin oxidation And how to prevent it

What is skin oxidation? 

Many girls use the term skin oxidation, especially when they are exposed to the sun and notice the darkening of their skin, the appearance of spots or symptoms that show skin fatigue. 

The bad condition of the skin may be the result of what is known as oxidative stress that occurs in the body, a condition that occurs due to the increased production of free radicals, without sufficient defenses against them known as antioxidants, and the effect of oxidative stress extends to the body and its symptoms begin to appear, and extends to the skin as well.

Causes of skin oxidation

Some factors may cause an increase in the exposure to free radicals of the skin more than the normal limit, due to exposure to some factors such as:

  • cigarette smoke.
  • exposure to radiation;
  • The presence of pollutants around us.
  • Use of detergents and pesticides.

It is worth noting that even diet may have a negative role in increasing our exposure to free radicals, as foods rich in sugar, alcohol and fats are among the unhealthy sources that may increase the risk of free radicals.

Symptoms of oxidative stress for the skin

Oxidation of the skin as (some know it) may result from oxidative stress, resulting in symptoms such as:

  • The appearance of spots and streaks.
  • Skin aging faster.
  • wrinkles .

Rather, it may increase the matter and cause some skin disorders, such as:

  • dermatitis ;
  • Skin cancer .

How do you protect your skin from oxidative stress?

You can enhance the protection of your body and skin from oxidation by taking care of the following steps:

  • Strengthening the health of the immune system: You should pay attention to eating healthy foods that are beneficial to you, especially vegetables, fruits, and useful herbs in moderate quantities that are naturally added to the food.
  • Stay away from stress: You must maintain your calm as much as possible, because psychological and physical stress greatly affects, you can practice yoga and pay attention to meditation.
  • You must stay away from polluted air, processed foods, and any toxins surrounding you, taking care to wash your hands to avoid any possible infection.

Before resorting to makeup to cover flaws and fatigue, you must first follow these tips to protect your skin and its freshness:

  • Abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Pay attention to exercising regularly.
  • Stay away from chemicals found in detergents and pesticides.
  • Stay away from radiation sources as much as possible.
  • Avoid overeating, as it may lead to oxidative stress as well.
  • Pay attention to getting enough sleep.

Skin rejuvenation routine

There are simple and important steps that help your tired skin regain its freshness, the most important of which is taking care of it in the morning before going out and dealing with the environment around you. These steps are:

  • Use a face wash that is gentle on the skin and definitely suitable for its type.
  • After washing the face, a suitable moisturizer should be used for the type of skin, and there are many types, you should ask the doctor about the most suitable one for you.
  • Putting a sunscreen , and this step is indispensable before going out in the daytime.

At night, the following steps will be important to you:

  • Use makeup remover to get rid of any cosmetics on your face, and choose the type that suits your skin.
  • Then the face is washed well.
  • Any products prescribed by the doctor are used to treat skin problems such as acne with anti-inflammatories at night.
  • Finally, a suitable night moisturizer or mask is applied to moisturize at night.

In the end, after knowing what is meant by the term skin oxidation, you must pay attention to defining your lifestyle and what is harmful in it, and work to modify any unhealthy pattern in it, especially with regard to diet, and you must contact the doctor in the event of any skin problem that developed and did not disappear and was worrying you, We prefer to consult a doctor about the appropriate daily routine for your skin and prescribe the appropriate products for it.


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