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Stomach germ: Symptoms of stomach germ

Stomach germ: The stomach germ is the main cause of stomach ulcers, which are bacteria with a twisted spiral shape. This bacterium lives in the stomach and can remain in it for many years without the infected person detecting its presence and it causes many diseases.

Stomach germ

The stomach germ is very dangerous as its presence in the stomach causes frequent infections. They also cause stomach ulcers and irritation in the colon and have a great ability to destroy the small intestine. In addition, this germ is a major cause of difficulty digesting well, and not benefiting from some vitamins and elements that enter the body. The presence of this bacterium in the stomach for many years may also lead to stomach or colon cancer. The bacterium is common and infects many people around the world. It affects more than 40% of the world's population. In this article, we will give you the most important symptoms of stomach germ to identify it, and speed up its treatment so as not to cause any complications.

Abdominal pain

When a person is infected with a stomach germ, they feel permanent abdominal pain whether the abdomen is empty or full. When the abdomen is empty, the patient feels colic-like pain in the upper third of the stomach. These pains may be minor or severe and unbearable when the condition develops. When the abdomen is filled with food, the patient also feels tired and stomach pain accompanied by gas and severe bloating in the abdomen, even if the patient is snacking.

Weight loss

A patient with stomach bacteria noticeably loses weight and their appetite for food becomes less. The patient feels unwilling to eat any kind of food, and noticeably loses his appetite even to foods that he used to eat with appetite before. The stomach pain that the sufferer feels permanently plays a big role in the feeling of unwillingness to eat.

Inactivity and fatigue

Manifestations of lethargy and fatigue are among the most prominent signs that a person with a stomach germ feels. The patient feels tired, constantly exhausted and unable to practice any activity. The patient also feels a strong desire to sleep for long periods. The main reason for feeling tired and exhausted, is the lack of digestion of food in the stomach of the injured well, and the lack of waste products coming out of the body. Which leads to a significant increase in toxins in the body. The stomach germ also causes minerals and vitamins to not be well absorbed in the body, leading to anemia, which also causes feelings of laziness and fatigue.

Swelling, acidity and vomiting

  • A stomach germ patient feels permanently swollen whether his stomach is full or empty, and whether he eats light food or fatty food.
  • However, the feeling of bloating increases and the gas increases when the patient leaves the stomach empty for a long time, or when the patient eats fatty food.
  • Also, the patient feels acidity and the acidity felt by the stomach germ patient is different from the normal acidity.
  • The main reason for feeling acidity is mostly due to eating foods that are fried or contain too many oils. However, in the case of stomach germ, the patient feels very acidic without eating fatty foods.
  • The patient feels acidity permanently causing a reflux in the gallbladder.


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