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SLE: ways to cope with this immune disease

SLE is a mysterious disease because its main causes are unknown and doctors have been puzzled in its diagnosis whether it is a genetic disease or acquired.

SLE: ways to cope with this immune disease
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Dr. Mahmoud Ali Hussein, a professor of hematology and immunology, says that after many studies, scientists have found some factors that cause increased symptoms of the disease, including acute psychological stress and excessive exposure to sunlight, and they have also concluded that SLE is one of the most serious autoimmune diseases. It is also classified as an important rheumatic disease, and is more affected by women than men.

The types of this disease are divided into two types, the first type is the cutaneous lupus erythematosus and it affects the skin, especially the face and nose, and causes some rashes on the body. The second type is systemic lupus erythematosus and this is the most dangerous type of disease because it destroys organic systems such as the liver, kidneys, joints and brain.

Unfortunately there is no definitive cure for this disease but there are some treatments that alleviate the severity of the disease. We will mention to you the 4 most important steps to coexist and cope with SLE.

1- Avoid severe psychological stress

One of the most prominent ways to cope with this dangerous immune disease is to avoid irritability and stress and stay away from problems that cause you severe psychological stress. Psychological stressors and neurological disorders lead to fluctuation of hormones, which helps to awaken the disease, enhance its attacks and deterioration of the condition, which affects the nervous system with some health problems, in addition to the constant feeling of headaches and severe nervous convulsions.

Stay away from everything that causes you stress completely and make sure to relax and calm down by practicing yoga and meditation while drinking some herbal drinks that work to relieve tension, anxiety and nervousness.

2- Avoid sun exposure

You have to avoid direct sunlight as it aggravates the condition and its symptoms such as the appearance of rashes and small bloody pimples on areas exposed to the sun as the sun increases inflammation and redness of the skin significantly.

Exposure to sunlight in a lupus erythematosus patient increases the risk of severe and painful rheumatoid inflammation in the joints, possibly even a very high temperature.

You should stay as far away as possible from direct exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and if you have to go out during the day you should apply sunscreen. Also, wear cotton clothing that is soft on the skin and avoid silk or polyester clothing.

Also, be sure to wear dark-colored clothing as they protect the skin from penetrating the sun's harmful rays, and don't forget sunglasses and hats.

3- Eat foods that activate the immune system

You can overcome the symptoms of lupus erythematosus and cope with them by eating foods that activate the immune system. One of the most important of these foods is fresh vegetables and especially leafy vegetables.

This is in addition to garlic and onions, which help the body absorb calcium, as well as eating fish rich in omega-3 acids and olive oil, which is high in fatty acids that stimulate the immune system and overcome the symptoms of lupus erythematosus. Do not forget about foods rich in complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water.

4- Avoid fatty and salty foods

There are some types of dietary foods that you should stay away from completely to cope with SLE, the most important of which are fatty foods rich in high fat such as red meat, lamb and full-fat dairy products. These foods contain fat in a large proportion which leads to the accumulation of fat on the heart or liver and causes its destruction.

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