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Acne: the most important basic steps for treating acne

 Acne is a common skin problem that women and men face at different age stages. The underlying causes of acne may vary, but in the end you need to follow the right steps to treat it perfectly without leaving any traces of annoying scars.

Acne: the most important basic steps for treating acne

For women and girls, acne is usually associated with hormonal changes associated with menstruation monthly. Stress and stress directly affect the release of the hormone cortisol, which causes increased skin inflammation and thus the appearance of grains. Environmental pollution leads to the accumulation of germs and dirt inside the pores, and as the pores become clogged, grains and blackheads appear as well.

Here are the most basic steps you should follow to treat acne properly.

1- Choose the right cosmetics

Even if you suffer from acne, choose the right care for acne-prone skin. These types contain gentle ingredients that do not cause irritation and redness of the skin, thus calming inflammation and speeding up the treatment of acne. Before using any new lotion, test it first on a small area of skin. Doctors also recommend the use of preparations rich in alpha-hydroxy acids such as silicylic acid or glycolic acid.

2- Always keep a suitable treatment for pills with you

If you have acne-prone skin, keep a suitable acne treatment with you always to use as soon as pimples appear. This helps to quickly treat them and not spread them to the skin, as it works to dry the pimple and prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs on it.

3- Exfoliating the skin

The exfoliation process is one of the necessary steps to get rid of dead and accumulated skin on the surface of the epidermis. This helps to regenerate skin cells, and helps to purify and deeply cleanse pores to prevent the accumulation of sebaceous secretions that lead to their blockage and the appearance of grains. Make sure to choose a gentle exfoliator rich in lactic acid or glycolic acid, and do not exfoliate the skin more than twice a week.

4- Silt mask

Silt mask is one of the best effective natural remedies for oily and acne-prone skin. You can choose a silt mask fortified with active charcoal or green tea. Activated charcoal helps to cleanse the skin deeply, and is also effective for getting rid of acne and blackheads. To regulate sebaceous secretions, use a silt mask with green tea. Silt helps absorb excess oils while reducing skin inflammation caused by acne.

5- Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the types of natural oils ideal for the treatment of acne. It is gentle on the skin and helps to treat it quickly, and is characterized by its antibacterial and antibacterial properties, which works to prevent the accumulation of bacteria that cause acne and purifies pores. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your daily cleanser for best results in just a few days.

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