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What is the relationship between vitamin D and obesity?

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 What is the relationship between vitamin D and obesity? Obesity is one of the diseases affecting the body’s systems, which may expose a person to many diseases, and there are many factors that lead to weight gain and excessive obesity, including the lack of important vitamins in the body, and to know what is the relationship between vitamin D and obesity and weight in general.

What is the relationship between vitamin D and obesity?

Vitamin D relationship to weight 

The results of an earlier study revealed that excess amounts of vitamin D may help slow weight gain in older women, who were studied. 

As for the relationship between vitamin D and weight loss, some studies show that the vitamin can have a relationship in reducing the formation of fat cells, and vitamin D can prevent the storage of these fat cells, and thus prevent their accumulation.

One of the theories that some studies also indicate is that vitamin D can help increase the level of serotonin, which plays an important role in mood and even the process of regulating sleep, and may even have a role in controlling appetite, helping to reduce it, and thus consumption Less calories by the body.

Does taking vitamin D lose weight? 

Some research indicates that adequate levels of vitamin D may help promote weight loss, and may even help reduce body fat.

In general, vitamin D was not taken for the purpose of losing weight only, without knowing the real reason behind the excess weight, or that you suffer from a deficiency of the vitamin in the body from the ground up, but this should be by consulting a doctor first.

Vitamin D and obesity 

Some studies have shown a relationship between vitamin D and weight gain, as they have shown that people with a BMI of 40 or higher, have low levels of vitamin D, in addition to the nature of their bodies that convert vitamin D to its active form in less capacity, This is because of the excess fat, which results in the weakening of the body's ability to receive vitamin D from the sun. 

Vitamin D is also a fat-soluble vitamin, so obese people may need a higher dose of vitamin D to prevent complications from vitamin D deficiency.

It is worth noting that obese people should be more careful to follow up on the work and health of their body, because the body systems are greatly affected by vitamin D deficiency, including the immune, nervous and brain systems, they may be more susceptible to diseases.

The relationship of vitamin D and obesity to diabetes 

As we mentioned, obesity and vitamin D deficiency cause health risks, the most prominent of which is diabetes, as studies have shown that people who are obese and have low levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of insulin resistance than others, and thus a disorder in the level of sugar in the blood, causing type 2 diabetes. 

In the end, after identifying the relationship between vitamin D and obesity, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet, control calories, avoid unhealthy fats and sweets, and take into account the provision of foods rich in vitamin D, and it is also necessary to pay attention to exercise and continuous activity to enjoy a healthy weight and a disease-free life.. For more information You can read the article How to treat vitamin D deficiency in detail.

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