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The best natural recipes for moisturizing the skin in the summer

The best natural recipes for moisturizing the skin in the summerWith the advent of summer, its aesthetic problems multiply due to exposure to dry air and the sun, which causes dryness and cracking of the skin. We have prepared some cute recipes for you to protect your skin this summer!

Frequent exposure to hot water also causes dry skin, and increased moisture gives the skin a rough and dry feel. There are some proven natural recipes from your life magazine that you can apply to your skin in order to protect yourself from the factors of the summer, read on to learn about them.

The best natural recipes for moisturizing the skin in the summer

Try making laurel soap , as it is an effective treatment for crack-free skin and helps lighten and moisturize the skin.

Laurel oil is one of the most powerful natural oils that you can use to get rid of dry skin and cracks in the skin that you are exposed to with the advent of the summer, because it contains a large percentage of vitamins and minerals that cleanse the skin. Therefore, apply laurel oil to your skin twice a day, and do not forget to read our recipe for making laurel oil soap.

Oatmeal and banana mask is very suitable for dry skin because it contains two important components of the skin.

Oatmeal is one of the most powerful food grains that makes the skin soft and supple, because it exfoliates damaged skin and reduces itching and inflammation that affects the skin as a result of dehydration. While bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which acts as a natural moisturizer for dry skin.

Coffee is effective in moisturizing dry skin during the summer.

Use coffee as a natural exfoliator for the skin and remove impurities and dead skin cells. The coffee mask helps stimulate blood flow to the skin, thus improving blood circulation, which contributes to increasing the proportion of blood on the face and smoothing the skin.

Try these natural recipes consisting of bananas , as they are one of the most important charming recipes to save your skin from dryness and roughness it is exposed to, and repair damaged skin cells as a result of exposure to dry air and high humidity.

These recipes contain many beneficial ingredients for your skin. Bananas contain some minerals and vitamins that help exfoliate and cleanse the skin of dirt and dust that accumulates on it. While honey is a strong and effective moisturizer for dry skin cells and helps to unify their color and remove dark spots from them. Almond oil is also one of the amazing oils for treating skin problems, the most important of which is dry and cracked skin.

Mixtures with sugar and salt to exfoliate and moisturize the skin in the summer is one of the best natural recipes for your skin!

These recipes are not limited to sugar and salt only, but also contain oils. Sugar exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin and impurities that the skin is exposed to frequently during the summer. As for olive oil, it is anti-bacterial, treats dryness, and preserves the natural oils in the skin. Jojoba oil is also known for its effective properties in maintaining the freshness and smoothness of the skin.

This lotion with milk, honey and aloe vera has the amazing effect of protecting the skin from drying out.

Milk fights harmful bacteria and germs that cause skin sensitivity and thus lead to dryness, while honey contains antiseptic and sterile substances that help remove dirt and protect the skin from humidity and high temperature. Aloe vera works as a moisturizer and cleanser for dry skin and is used as a lotion.

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