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Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks The problem of bombing and hair loss is one of the most common problems that most girls and women face and affects their psyche greatly because it harms their aesthetic appearance and attractiveness.

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

Hair becomes damaged and brittle as a result of the use of dyes and hair straightening products that contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of the hair. With time, the hair may become thinner, fall out, become damaged and rough. Every woman dreams of long, shiny and healthy hair. She may search and look a lot about many ways and solutions to address the problem of hair breakage and damage, so we have collected for you a group of natural recipes that you can prepare at home to get thick, smooth, and free of split ends and damage in just 3 weeks.

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

Natural oils recipe

This recipe has a wonderful magic to solve the problem of hair loss and works to increase hair density and stimulates the growth of hair roots.

It is a recipe for mixing natural oils that makes the hair softer and more lustrous, in addition to contributing to the lengthening and softening of the hair and reducing its loss and damage. Take a spoonful of castor oil and add to it a spoonful of olive oil and the same amount of almond oil and sesame oil. Then, mix this set of oils to get a natural oil formula that can solve all your hair problems. Paint the scalp and hair follicles to the ends, then leave it for at least two hours and for better results, repeat it more than once a week.

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

Onion and garlic recipe

Onions and garlic are among the most important natural recipes for treating the problem of hair loss and damage, because they have many aesthetic and vital benefits for hair, as they contain sulfur.

You can prepare the onion recipe by cutting the onion and extracting the water from it, then massage the scalp with this water and then wash it with shampoo well. You can also add a spoonful of honey to the onion water to be used as a natural moisturizer for coarse hair and treatment of hair breakage. As for the garlic recipe, boil 4 cloves of garlic with two tablespoons of coconut oil, then massage it into the scalp. Repeat this recipe three times a week.

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

Fenugreek seeds recipe

The ring is a treasure that can be exploited in the perfect and correct way, especially for hair and treating its problems, as it helps in cohesion and strength, getting rid of hair falling and splitting, and preventing hair damage, and it is also used as a conditioner that has a very wonderful effect for hair.

Fenugreek seeds contain a large amount of protein and nicotinic acid, which is important for hair follicles. One of the most important and proven recipes for fenugreek to strengthen hair from its roots is this magical recipe that you can implement at home. Put the fenugreek seeds in an appropriate amount of water and soak it for a whole day, and the next day grind the seeds and add four tablespoons of milk to it until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Put the mixture on the hair for about 45 minutes and repeat this recipe from two to three times a week in order to get better results and treat the problem of thin hair that most women suffer from.

Recipes to treat hair damage within 3 weeks

avocado recipe

The avocado recipe is one of the most prominent therapeutic recipes that treat many hair problems, the most important of which is the problem of hair loss and unnatural occurrence with damage and breakage.

Avocado contains many substances rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, in addition to natural fats and oils that nourish hair and contribute to hair with a shiny luster. Take the pulp of a fresh avocado and add a teaspoon of olive oil to it and beat them in the electric mixer until the mixture is homogeneous. After that, add a spoonful of coconut milk and an egg yolk and continue to mix, then apply this cohesive mixture to your hair and massage it into the scalp for five minutes. Leave the mixture on your hair for two hours, and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

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