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Meals for diabetics and some ways to prepare them

Meals for diabetics and some ways to prepare them A diabetic needs to eat snacks that help him regulate blood sugar, the most appropriate meal for him contains 45 grams of carbohydrates, which reduces the level of glucose in the blood, and eating healthy food helps burn glucose when performing daily activities instead of storing it in the cells of the body. So, if you are looking for diabetic meals that can be eaten throughout the day, whether you suffer from diabetes or one of your family members suffers from it , this article will provide you with the most important snacks that can be eaten, so follow us, to know more.

Meals for diabetics and some ways to prepare them

Meals for diabetics

There are some snacks that you can consume throughout the day, in order to provide you with energy without greatly affecting the level of blood sugar, and these meals are to use:

boiled corn

One of the important snacks for the health of a diabetic is boiled corn, because it contains pattothenic acid, which helps to raise the metabolism in the body of a diabetic, which helps to balance the blood sugar level.


Prepare popcorn yourself at home, and enjoy one of the two types of diabetic meals, which can be eaten with the family without adding hydrogenated oils, and you can add points of olive oil with garlic cloves to add flavor and taste with a little salt, and popcorn helps balance blood sugar Therefore, popcorn is one of the best foods for diabetics.


If you are looking for meals for diabetics, there is no need to search long, as fruits are an excellent option for you. There are some fruits that you can eat because they help improve blood sugar, as they help raise metabolic rates and raise the metabolism in the body, and examples of these fruits that are high in dietary fiber are apples and peaches.


You can eat low-carb cheese, which helps regulate blood sugar, such as cottage cheese because it is low in carbohydrates, such as cottage cheese.


One of the best legumes that you can eat and prepare a salad with is black beans, which help regulate blood sugar because it contains a high percentage of protein and dietary fiber, and its other advantage is that it is easy to digest.

Wheat and chicken pasta

Wheat pasta contains a high percentage of dietary fiber, which helps to regulate the metabolism in the body, thus increasing metabolic rates. Eat wheat pasta with skinless chicken for a meal full of protein and dietary fibre.


Vegetables contain a high percentage of dietary fiber that is important for the health of the body, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. In vegetables, there is a balanced percentage of sugar naturally present in vegetables and fruits, which is converted in the blood into glucose, and cells burn during the body’s performance of daily activities. You can make use of vegetables, by preparing dishes of vegetable salad, put carrots and leafy vegetables such as lettuce and watercress on it.

Diabetic snacks


Raisins help reduce blood sugar, and this is because they contain a high percentage of sugars that help convert blood sugar into glucose. Cells burn it instead of storing it, so it's important to eat half a cup of raisins with skimmed yogurt, for a delicious, low-carb meal.

fruit peel

Did you know that the peel of the fruit has nutritional benefits found in the fruit itself? Indeed, some peels contain a high percentage of nutritional value, such as kiwi peel, apple peel, and banana peel.

the bread

When eating the bread, replace the high-calorie and carbohydrate white bread with wheat bread, because it contains dietary fiber that is important for you to eat, and it also contains less carbohydrates.


Of course, you need to eat nuts. The best nuts for you are almonds, because they help regulate blood sugar, and they contain 20 grams of carbohydrates.

Meals for diabetics for breakfast


Eat a boiled egg, because it contains a high percentage of the protein you need. With wholemeal brown bread made of bran or wheat flour, you can eat a few grapes to regulate the level of glucose in the blood.


Make vegetable salad with a cup of skimmed yogurt, your snack between breakfast and lunch, to regulate the level of diabetes in the blood, this meal contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals important for the health of the body, make a salad of carrots, watercress and chickpeas and put lemon drops on it.

Meals for diabetics for lunch

You can switch between lunches and eat chicken noodle soup, make a small tortilla pizza, or eat turkey.

Prepare healthy meals for diabetics

How to make pizza for diabetic patient

This is a light meal that you can have for lunch with a vegetable salad, by bringing a tomato sauce, greasing the bread with it, and placing sliced ​​chicken strips with lettuce, and you can add broccoli and cooked carrots with a little grated cheese and put it in the oven.

How to prepare turkey for a diabetic

Cut a slice of turkey and put it on whole wheat bread, add tomato slices and arugula and add a little mustard sauce on top, you can grate a little cheese on the face and leave the sandwich in the oven.

Note : The calorie content of lunch should not exceed 150 calories, and it should not contain high carbohydrates.

Tips for eating meals for diabetics

These tips help diabetics to regulate snacking, namely:

  • Make sure you feel hungry, do not eat a meal because it is low in carbohydrates, and you are not hungry.
  • Limit the calories per serving, the calories should not be more than 150 calories in one meal, and this will make your plate full of useful food only.
  • It is natural to feel the desire to eat fatty food or a heavy meal, we will not prevent you, but organize the time of eating it, do not eat it right before bed, and prepare it in a way that makes it healthy and delicious at the same time.

in conclusion; Diabetics love small and fatty meals, but this is not true. You can eat healthy, delicious and non-fatty meals for diabetics . Change the food pattern to get health and wellness. We hope that we have brought you all the information about snacks for diabetics and how you can eat them, and you can consult one of our doctors from here

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