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Skin cleaning mistakes that cause clogged pores

Skin cleaning mistakes that cause clogged pores Clogged pores are one of the main causes of many common skin problems, the most important of which are black and whiteheads, and may also lead to acne and severe skin infections.

Skin cleaning mistakes that cause clogged pores

There are some common mistakes that may cause clogged pores unknowingly, the most famous of which is cleaning the skin the wrong way. Despite the importance of washing the skin during the daily care steps, applying it in the wrong way leads to clogged pores and many skin problems.

Discover the most important mistakes that cause clogged pores while cleaning the skin to avoid them.

1- Choose a skin cleanser that is rich in chemicals

Skincare experts confirm that one of the most basic and common mistakes for clogged pores, for all skin types, is to choose the types of commercial detergents rich in chemicals, whether they are liquid detergents or even using solid soaps. These types contain foam, which leads to drying the skin, which ends up with the accumulation of layers of dead skin on the surface of the skin, thus clogging the pores. To overcome this problem, choose skin cleansers that are rich in natural ingredients and that do not expose your skin to extreme dryness. It is also preferable to choose alcohol-free formulas that contain a percentage of moisturizing ingredients.

2-Not cleaning the skin subsequent to working out

Practicing is imperative for the strength of the body, yet it causes exorbitant perspiring and sleek discharges on the wellbeing of the skin. Recall well that not cleaning your skin appropriately after practice is quite possibly the main explanation for stopping up pores.

Utilizing moist disposable clothes is the speediest way most young ladies resort to, yet do you imagine that they don't make harm your skin? On the off chance that you have sleek or mixed skin, moist disposable clothes don't help in profound cleaning, yet rather lead to the appropriation of microorganisms and slick discharges on the whole skin.

3- Not cleaning the skin in the morning

Neglecting to wash the skin in the morning is one of the most important reasons behind clogged pores as well. Experts confirm that this is one of the most important steps for skincare and revitalization at the beginning of the day. Oil and bacteria accumulate on the surface of the skin during sleep, exposing it to severe damage if it is not cleaned well.

4- Use facial oils to clean

Although it is important to use natural oils for skincare, some types can cause clogged pores and damage the skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to use oils for cleansing the skin, especially for oily or combination skin.

5- Use a lot of layers on the face skin

The skincare routine includes a lot of sequential steps such as the use of cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. These products contain a lot of ingredients and oils that can build up inside the pores and cause them to clog. Therefore, you should wait long enough after using any care product to avoid clogging and damage to the skin.

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