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Bride's wedding preparations

Bride's wedding preparations The bride begins to prepare for her wedding long before the wedding, whether preparing the house, personal items, wedding preparations, and others.

Bride's wedding preparations

The bride is busy preparing for the wedding, which may not give her enough time to prepare herself for the day. The wedding night needs some preparations in terms of body, skin and hair care to look your best in front of your partner. In this article, we have collected for you a set of the most important recipes and tips for the wedding day preparations for hair and skin care, so discover them with us.

Hair removal

The first step that every bride needs in her wedding night preparations is to get rid of excess hair . Removing excess hair from the body is usually accompanied by pain, especially in the sensitive area. To remove hair without pain, you can apply a thin layer of toothpaste with mint extract ten minutes before hair removal, then rinse the area with warm water, which helps to relax the pores and remove hair in the traditional way easily. If you prefer to use razors to shave, use hair conditioner as a great alternative to shaving foam as it helps moisturize the skin and ease the razor's glide. After hair removal, be sure to apply a layer of moisturizing cream or baby oil to prevent skin infection. In the event of redness of the skin, apply a layer of natural aloe vera gel.

bridal bath

After hair removal, preparation for the bridal shower begins, and it is recommended to perform the bridal bath one day after hair removal, not on the same day, as the skin is prone to infection. There are many bridal baths, the most famous of which are the Moroccan, Turkish and Sudanese baths. Before the bath, make sure to expose the body to steam to open the pores, then massage the body in circular motions. If you suffer from stretch marks or cellulite, it is recommended to massage the body with a dry brush every day before showering for ten minutes before marriage, as this helps to stimulate blood circulation and get rid of skin problems.

body perfuming

One of the most important steps that every bride should take care of is perfume the body before the wedding night. To perfume the body for a long time, put 10 drops of your favorite essential oil in a bathtub filled with hot water, which helps open pores and effectively perfumes the body. After taking a shower, use the mukhabariya or perfumed body lotion and sprinkle your favorite perfume on pulse points such as the wrist, neck, and behind the knees so that your perfume stays long. Make sure to use products with the same aromatic notes such as essential water, deodorant, shower gel and body cream to get a concentrated scent.

hair care

After the wedding, daily straightening becomes exhausting , so you can follow some tips before the wedding that help straighten curly hair permanently. Hot oil bath is one of the easiest ways to help straighten hair. All you need is an amount of olive oil according to the density of your hair, a portion of coconut oil and half a portion of castor oil. Mix the oils and warm them well, then apply the mixture to wet hair and comb it and wrap it in the form of a top bun and cover it with a plastic cap before going to sleep, and rinse it in the morning. Repeat this method once a week before the wedding, long enough to straighten the hair.

To make another wonderful recipe, that helps straighten and smooth the hair, mix three tablespoons of aloe vera gel with three tablespoons of warm olive oil, and three capsules of vitamin E. After that, put the mixture on the hair for two hours and then rinse it well with water. This method is also repeated once a week before the wedding long enough.

In general, make sure to start the hair and skin care program before the wedding long enough to get effective results.

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