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A diet program to cleanse the body of harmful fats

 A diet program to cleanse the body of harmful fats To clean the body of fat, the fat that accumulates in the body without being aware of it poses a very great danger to public health, as these fats are the main factor in the incidence of many diseases such as diabetes, pressure and atherosclerosis, but they give a bad appearance, especially in women, and these fats are concentrated in the abdomen and thigh area and buttocks.

If I was one of those people who are concerned about the  problem of fat,  would I ever think of getting rid of it in a proper way in order to maintain your health and also the beauty of your body?

A diet program to cleanse the body of harmful fats

Here is this diet program to get rid of fat and to cleanse the body of harmful fats

the breakfast

A cup of ginger without sugar on an empty stomach, then a fruit (as you prefer), then a cucumber + a carrot + a whole lettuce


Cinnamon cup without sugar

A salad dish consisting of ... lettuce + dill + parsley + tomatoes + cucumber + onions + garlic + lemon juice

Boiled beans or pea dish with boiled chicken breast or grilled fish

Brown bread or boiled rice


 A cup of boiled marjoram without sugar 

A large salad plate from the same food salad

An orange or any other fruit

When you feel hungry

Have a green salad from the same food salad or a piece of fruit of any kind 

Important notes on a program to cleanse the body of harmful fats

To get rid of constipation, if any, and in the case of constipation, take two tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach

Eat a bunch of green parsley twice a day, morning and evening

Avoid fats and their derivatives

Stay away from fats and oils and do not eat any foods while cleaning the body of fats

 Avoid fatty foods and pastries 

Exercising daily for a period of not less than an hour, and the exercise must be at a time other than the time of eating meals

Avoid ready-made juices, soft drinks and all preservatives

Eating more green leafy vegetables, lemon, and drinking marjoram

Not to sleep immediately after eating, because this leads to poor digestion, weight gain and other problems in the body. It is necessary to sleep at least two hours after eating

Put a lemon cut with peel and seeds with a hanging of cumin on a cup of boiling water, cover and leave for 20 minutes, then stir well and then drink, a quarter of an hour before each meal

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